Screen printing is an artform that dates back to centuries. A traditional method that is used to print multiple copies of a single design.

I was introduced to this method of printing way back in the 90’s when my Father had brought home a beautiful Ganesha that had been screen printed on metal. My Father is a mechanical engineer by profession and designs machines for tin and can manufacturing. Screen printing is one of the tasks that is performed by the machines during the can manufacturing process.

Ever since my Grandfather opened his mill(agricultural commodities), screen printing is what is being done on all the packaging, that too.. manually.

Back in my engineering days, I have also participated in an internship at Ascent Circuits, a circuit manufacturing company that uses screen printing to print on their PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).

So with all this in the background, there was no doubt that I would want to get a hands on  experience in screen printing. I wanted to know the process well, what goes into it and how it can be done. And well.. one fine day I attended this Screen Printing workshop at Bloom and Grow that was conducted by Bhavani Agarwal.

Screen printing seems great fun but does have a few procedures to be followed before actually printing on surfaces. The first step is to prepare your screen which is done using a photo sensitive substance to work on the design of your choice. The design is created with the help of a light box. Once the screen is ready, we can go ahead and get to print on surfaces using various colours.

It so happened that the entire event got a media coverage on TV9. And I guess they have done a better job of summing up the entire process.


Well.. Here are a few pictures from the beautiful workshop that I attended..

Well I haven’t really got into working with the screen printing process after the workshop. I am on  a well deserved break where I choose to only work on my page and blog. So, there are more stories coming up for you 🙂



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