It's a DIY weekend for most this time!! With Christmas just after the weekend, its time for a lot of crafting!! Here's a cute little festive DIY to make Shaker elements to adorn your Christmas Tree. I used Circular stitched Dies and cut out circles using my Die Cut Machine. I used the biggest circular... Continue Reading →


Quick Christmas Decor with Crackle Medium

Christmas is round the corner and its that time of the year when you sit indoors in the comfort and the warmth of your home and wonder what all you can get down to do. Here are two Christmas projects using Little Birdie's Crackle Medium, which can be done in a jiffy!! Little Birdie's Crackle... Continue Reading →


I have this fascination for painting silhouettes and here's another of my favorite one that depicts a cold winter night but this time on a mug, using ceramic paints!! HOW I PAINTED A MUG USING CERAMIC PAINTS: Before I started painting the mug, I made sure that the surface was dry and clean. I checked... Continue Reading →


Bottles when painted and used as décor items, add a little charm to the corner where they are placed. Bottle Art is a vast subject and there are a lot of ways to decorate and paint these. TIPS FOR PAINTING ON BOTTLES: There are a couple of points one must keep in mind while painting... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone!! The festive season is approaching and so I am here today with a tutorial of a quick DIY decorative box to pep up the festive mood. I have used simple techniques of Relief work and Gilding to decorate a wooden trinket box. Relief work involves creating an embossed design onto a surface using... Continue Reading →

ITAC 2017

I spent a couple of days last week preparing for the challenges at the ITAC 2017. The International Tournament of Art and Craft has 6 wonderful topics/challenges to choose from and create art. Here we go with my creations for the challenge: CHALLENGE 1: EUROPE My interpretation of the theme of printmaking, art and vintage.... Continue Reading →


Art is a way of expression, a sort of channel for an artist to express what is perceived within. Artists take inspiration for their creations from Nature, surroundings and existing art forms. Art has existed and prevailed since time immemorial. Though art has evolved and revamped itself to suit the changing likes and tastes of... Continue Reading →


Artist Trading Cards(ATC's) are miniature pieces of art, in the form of cards, which are generally exchanged in return for other ATC's. The concept was introduced by a Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann in 1997. Artist Trading cards are generally of size 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Any sort of medium or art form in portrait or... Continue Reading →


Gilding which is a term for "Gold Leaf Decoupage" is the art of covering a specific area using specially designed Gold Leaves. Gilding is an age old process which adds a beautiful dimension to paintings, leather, sculptures, glass, metal, picture frames and much more. The imitation leaf comes in a variety of metallic colours like... Continue Reading →

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